A national network of private detectives, investigators
& business risk professionals

The Indicia Group helps its clients make the right decisions by combining experience of investigation, in-depth knowledge of the law and involvement of specialist experts.


Do you want to find out and be informed? Do you want to dispel a doubt or confirm certain facts? Are you looking to gather evidence for court proceedings?

Our private detectives are approved by the CNAPS (French National Board for Private Security Activities) under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior, and have extensive experience in civil and family proceedings. Specialists in the production of evidence, the detectives’ reports are admissible in court and allow you to objectively demonstrate the merits of your claims to the judges and so maximise your chances of success.


Do you suspect that there may be irregularities in your company? Do you have doubts about the loyalty of your staff or your business partners? Do you want to protect your business and preserve your know-how?

The Indicia Group’s private detectives are specialists when it comes to commercial and industrial investigations and have developed a rigorous working methodology for both small and medium-sized businesses as well as for major French corporations. Heads of SMEs, large companies or professionals – no-one is immune to actions that are harmful to the operation of your company.

IT Investigations

Cyber crime has become a major threat and a key issue that every business must take into account in order to secure its strategic information and to protect its scientific, economic and commercial assets.

The Indicia Group has detectives who are IT specialists and who have developed a high level of expertise, combining technical skills with investigative know-how, enabling our clients to act in a way which prevents and/or corrects such crimes.

& Consultancy

Security and quality are paramount for any company concerned with optimising performance and ensuring growth. Benefit from the expertise of the Indicia Group’s private detectives to have your company audited and to benefit from customised support for managing your issues.

Our experience with small and medium-sized businesses and large groups (pharmaceutical industry, building-construction, property/real estate, service companies, etc.) means we can offer you a multidisciplinary know-how, a detailed analysis of your company’s security and specific knowledge on the organisation and suitable processes.


Do you want to anticipate the risks and validate your strategic decisions? Do you want to maximise your growth and protect your company in its competitive environment? Contrary to popular belief, Economic Intelligence is not the exclusive preserve of the large multinationals.

The Indicia Group’s private detectives have a solid grounding in Economic Intelligence and are approved by the Ministry of the Interior (CNAPS – French National Board for Private Security Activities) which allows them to gather intelligence completely legally. We can therefore offer detailed investigations aimed at gathering and analysing strategic information.