Family Enquiries

Our areas of intervention cover many aspects of family litigation and Family Law.

Article 9 of the Code of Civil Procedure states that “it is the responsibility of each party, in accordance with the law, to prove the facts necessary for the success of his or her claim“.

In these circumstances, the use of a private investigator is essential, with one objective: to keep you informed and to gather the evidence necessary for the success of your proceedings.

We establish and provide proof of the facts
on which the outcome of your case depends.

Examples of investigations

Client case study

The Indicia Group regularly receives instructions in the context of family proceedings, for example to prove the existence of concealed income or cohabitation.

Thus, in a recent case, we were able to demonstrate the lack of good faith of the opposing party, who declared to the Family Court that he was unemployed and had no resources, in order to reduce the amount of the compensatory allowance and the maintenance payments due.

Our investigations made it possible to prove that the individual was working, was earning a comfortable monthly salary and also benefited from rental income from several properties bought through an SCI (société civile immobilière – property partnership incorporated under civil law).

Thanks to our detailed investigative report, our client’s lawyer was able to substantiate his conclusions with convincing evidence and defend his client’s best interests regarding the financial consequences of her divorce.