Non-compliance with the contract of employment

In the context of widespread fraud in the workplace, the Indicia Group can act quickly and effectively to fight against non-compliance with the contract of employment.

Absenteeism, unwarranted sick leave, breach of the duty of loyalty, undeclared or uncompleted work: in order to enforce the provisions of the employment contract the use of a private investigator is essential.

As a professional in the production of evidence, the Indicia Group allows you to protect your interests while respecting the employee’s right to privacy and the legal framework governing our actions.

Examples of investigations

Client case study

The Indicia Group was recently appointed by the head of an SME to investigate suspicions of fraudulent activity by the company’s sales director. The information gathered showed that he was not performing his duties and was guilty of fraudulent activity. The misappropriation of customers for the benefit of a competing company provided an explanation for our client’s sudden drop in turnover. Having gathered the necessary evidence, the Indicia Group also helped the SME to put the necessary preventative measures in place.