Management of E-Reputation

In order to capitalise on and anticipate damage to your e-reputation, the Indicia Group can help you to control, develop and protect your image on the web.

The Internet is a tool for growth but it is also the medium for threats that are harmful to your image.  In order to look after your image and control its impact, the Indicia Group can provide you with customised solutions to support your growth and development.

Your image belongs to you, so protect and promote it.

Examples of investigations

Client case study

The Indicia Group was appointed by a public figure, mentioned in the media, who was being blackmailed via the Internet. Non-payment by him of a large sum of money would have resulted in a campaign of defamation on the web, with all the harmful consequences that this could have had in terms of his reputation, his public life and family life, etc.

Thanks to the expertise of the Indicia Group, we were successful in supporting our client with his blackmail problems, with the result that he did not have to pay the money, the threats stopped and he was able to implement the IT tools to manage his e-reputation: Internet monitoring, detection of negative comments, protection against a defamatory campaign, image management, etc.