The INDICIA Group: a network of private investigators & detectives

The INDICIA Group is a company of professionals specialising in investigation and business risk.

With a presence throughout the whole of France thanks to its regional offices, the members of the Indicia Group are united within one single structure and are committed to providing you with high-quality services.

We have a wealth of experience and we want to provide our clients with a comprehensive service, proximity and customised services with high added value, reflected in:



The Indicia Group is represented at a local level by a regional representative who will be your allocated point of contact for the duration of your case. In addition to this there is the support of a national network, with a head office based in Paris, enabling us to provide immediate, coordinated and multi-site responsiveness.

Adaptability, communication and trust are an integral part of our way of working and provide the structure for us to carry out our assignments. We place importance on regular contact throughout your entire case, reflected in:

Because your issues are unique,
the Indicia Group undertakes to provide customised solutions


All members of the Indicia Group are approved by the French National Board for Private Security Activities, under the supervision of the Minister of the Interior, a requirement for the exercise of the profession of detective – private research agents, and are bound by professional secrecy (article 226 of the Penal Code). We guarantee a service that is discreet, irreproachable and tailored to your issues.

The members of the Indicia Group are members of the main detective professional bodies – Private Research Investigators, the CNSP-ARP, the SNARP, the preferred contacts for the profession with institutions and ministries (Interior, Finance, etc.).

We are also a member of the  French Competencies Group for Information and Competitiveness (GCIC), an association under the law of 1901, which brings together multidisciplinary professionals with the objective of exploiting the resources of economic intelligence, as a global and cross-functional approach, in order to assist the general policy of the company and the territory.

In strict compliance with the legality, morality and legitimacy of the projects assigned, each member of the Group is bound by:

Our fees are drawn up jointly in consultation with you, with full transparency and are tailored to your requirements.

Our services are carried out in strict compliance with the law,
the code of professional ethics and the Group’s quality charter


Each member of the Indicia Group has several years of experience and has a professional detective – Private Research Agent diploma, registered with the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles – National Directory of Professional Certifications).

A veritable network of skills serving your interests, the Indicia Group offers quality services that are scalable and tailored to your needs.

The Group has various investigative means and techniques at its disposal. We adapt our know-how to the New Information and Communication Technologies era in order to keep in step with the requirements that we encounter during our assignments and the expectations of our customers.

With a strong national network at its disposal, the Indicia Group has been able to forge fruitful partnerships with legal professionals (lawyers, huissiers de justice, etc.) or with professionals in related fields (finance, management, legal experts, etc.) in order to enrich its service offering, to meet the expectations of our customers and to benefit from a global proposition for tailor-made solutions.

A network of qualified professionals able to resolve your issues