Search for computer evidence

The malicious use of IT tools can be a source of harm and may give rise to a legal liability for the company.

Fraud, illegal use, theft of files, hacking, destruction of data, unfair competition…the risks are very varied in nature. Case law is constantly evolving and the production of evidence must adhere to a strict and rigorous methodology. The Indicia Group is able to detect threats, provide an appropriate response and gather the necessary evidence to defend your interests.

The Indicia Group uses advanced methods for searching for digital evidence. Our team of experts in new technologies assist lawyers, legal departments and corporate officers in disputes involving a technological element.

We collect computer evidence of the detriment caused to you. We protect your structure from IT risks.

Examples of investigations

Client case study

A client appointed the Indicia Group to identify the origin of computer leaks in its Research and Development laboratory.

Our IT investigations revealed suspicious digital footprints, making it possible to identify the origin of the leaks and to establish their nature. Over and above the analysis of the resulting strategic damages and the implementation of protective measures, we worked closely with a huissier de justice in the context of articles 145-875 of the New Civil Procedure Code (NCPC) and prepared a detailed report that was admissible in court.