Security audit and risk analysis

Enquiries and investigations by private detectives for the security of your business

The risks and threats to the security of a company are numerous: faults due to procedural errors, acts committed maliciously, unreliability of a system, etc.

Do you want to assess and improve the efficiency of your security systems and procedures? Security tends to minimise risks. By contrast, the risk is higher where the probability of a damaging event occurring is high. Being protected first and foremost means detecting the situations, the conditions and the practices that may be harmful to the company’s interests.

Our private investigators identify the risks and threats to which you are exposed (probability/severity)

Examples of investigations

Client case study

As part of the Vigipirate reinforcement and the renegotiation of their insurance policy, the Indicia Group was appointed by a company called Seveso. From that point we studied, tested and attempted to infiltrate the company’s site, by circumventing the surveillance systems (both human and electronic).

The conclusions of our report, as well as our recommendations in terms of strengthening security, enabled our client to make his site as secure as possible and to deal with his insurance negotiations with confidence.