Protection of your company’s know-how

Our private detectives investigate the fraud or counterfeiting that may impact on your business.

Technological theft and counterfeiting affect all areas: luxury accessories, textiles, medications, works of art, motoring spare parts, etc. These fraudulent practices represent around 8 to 9% of world trade and, in 2014, the customs authorities in the European Union intercepted 35.5 million fake or counterfeit articles, with a total value of 617 million euros!
The financial consequences are dramatic: reduction in sales, damage to brand image, infringement of intellectual property rights, misappropriation of research & development, etc.
We are able to intervene quickly to identify the perpetrators, investigate the elements constituting the infringement and gather the necessary evidence for the defence of your interests. We also offer you solutions in order to identify risks, protect your know-how and anticipate threats.

Have your products been counterfeited or imitated, or has your know-how been stolen?

Examples of investigations

Client case study

Appointed by a designer, manufacturer and distributor of clothing of a protected trademark, the Indicia Group conducted extensive investigations in order to dismantle a chain of counterfeiters, sellers to assemblers and manufacturers.

We were able to demonstrate the existence of flows of merchandise constituting a reproduction and an imitation of the protected trademark within the meaning of Articles L. 713-2 and L.713-3 of the Intellectual Property Code.

The evidence contained in our assignment report as well as our monitoring of a delivery allowed the customs services to seize and confiscate counterfeit goods, pursuant to Article 323 of the Customs Code.