Criminal counter-enquiry

The Indicia Group can gather evidence for court proceedings or for the purposes of reopening a case.

In order to substantiate your defence, prove your innocence, corroborate facts or carry out further investigations, the Indicia Group specialists are able to assist you throughout your proceedings and work with your lawyer to determine the necessary strategies for action.

In order to prove the facts the Indicia Group carries out the necessary investigations on your behalf.

A criminal counter-enquiry makes it possible to highlight certain elements that may have been overlooked or concealed during the hearing of the case.

Examples of investigations

Client case study

The Indicia Group was appointed recently in the context of a counter-criminal enquiry by the family of a young man whose suicide seemed more than suspicious.

The investigations that we carried out, the witnesses interviewed and the new evidence collected made it possible to raise doubts about the previous version of the death and to restart the official investigation as a possible murder case, a line of investigation that had quickly been dropped following the first findings noted at the scene by the police.