Indicia Group, a national network of agencies serving your interests

The Indicia Group is a company of professionals specialising in investigation and business risk. Our know-how and our competencies in investigation and economic intelligence ensure that you will be offered strictly legal services, adapted to your needs and your objectives.

With a presence throughout the whole of France thanks to its regional offices (Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Nîmes, Marseille, Toulon, Toulouse, Limoges, Vannes, Rennes), the members of the Indicia Group are united within one single structure and are committed to providing you with high-quality services.

All our services are, beforehand, the object of a thorough study of your file, the establishment of a detailed quotation or agreement of fees and the setting up an action strategy adapted to the legal framework of your case.

Feel free to submit your problem and to contact us for any inquiries.

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