Combatting Fraud

Have you suffered loss or been the victim of fraud?
Are you seeking to confirm your suspicions?

Article 313-1 of the French Penal Code defines fraud as “the act of deceiving a natural or legal person to his detriment or to the detriment of a third party“. We intervene to fight against fraudulent activities, gather evidence of the offence, prepare the filing of your complaint in order to have your losses recognised and to obtain compensation.

Examples of investigations

With the widespread use of computer tools, fraud can occur under various deceptive guises, which can be difficult to recognise at first. Don’t go on being a victim but rather assert your rights:

Client case study

The Indicia Group was appointed in order to gather evidence relating to a large fraud involving over €500,000. Our client was the target for criminal offences over several years, resulting in the undue payment of large sums of money.

Thanks to the financial investigations we carried out we were able to trace the fraudulent activities, identify the lifestyle of the individual and his degree of solvency. We also carried out a detailed investigation into the fraudster’s circumstances (address, family and employment situation, legal checks, etc.) in order to collect tangible evidence for the purposes of a claim for damages.