In judgment no. 07-43.222 of 3 March 2009, the Court of Cassation noted that the transfer by an employee, to his place of residence, of confidential information belonging to the company, without professional justification, makes it impossible to retain the person concerned in the company and therefore constitutes serious misconduct irrespective of the seniority of the person concerned and of his motivation (including fear of dismissal on economic grounds).

The major obstacle in this type of case remains the problem of proof, insofar as it is always difficult to prove that the employee has transported such information, usually via computer media.

The Indicia Group specialises in computer investigations and is able to prove that information has been transferred on to removable media, thereby proving the theft.

The Indicia Group also intervenes upstream of these issues in order to make your IT systems secure and to compartmentalise access and actions.

Source : Cabinet legis Detective Marseille